Teaching a bird to talk

For a bird to learn to talk it must be exposed to human speech. While a very small number of very
talented birds can learn to talk from being exposed to normal conversation not directed at the bird,
most need direct and numerous repetitions of the phrase to be learned. In most cases this direct
training involves someone standing at the cage repeating the same phrase over and over. If you don't
have their attention they wont learn anything similar to small children. With Wordy Birdy you can leave
it on while you are away. Depending on how long you are gone you can set the interval from every 30 secs
to every 30 minutes. For example if you away at work for 8 hours I recommend setting it for every 15 to
20 minutes so that the bird doesn't get bored with it and tune it out. The recording being in the owners voice
gets the birds attention and he hears it throughout the day. When the owner gets home they need to work a
little with the bird one on one before long the bird will learn it.
Wordy Birdy works on the following types of birds:



To Record:

Locate the mic, press and hold the Record button while speaking. Speaking distance to the mic should be about 6".
You have 10 seconds of record time.

To Playback:

Press the Play button to set the training interval. Locate the Interval knob. Fully clockwise interval is 30 minutes. Full counter clockwise is 30 seconds.

Flashing LED tells you how often it will repeat. Count the seconds between flashes. Then multiply the number of seconds by 10. That is how many minutes between repeats.

Example: If there are 2 seconds between flashes, that would result in it repeating every 20 minutes.