Time to Talk CD -98 Phrases

Click on Highlighted phrases to hear sample.

The quality will not be as good as the actual CD due to the limits of the internet.

1. Atta Boy!
2. Dont worry, be happy!
3. Come on, Baby!
4. Company's comin'
5. Goodbye!
6. Good Morning!
7. sound of (laughing)
8. Hello!
9. I didnt do it!
10. I Love you!
11. I'm a wild & crazy guy!
12. I'm bad!
13. I'm hungry!
14. Oh, my goodness1
15. Oh, no!
16. PLay it again, Sam!
17. Pretty bird!
18. Hi, sweet cheeks!
19. Whatcha doin'?
20. Oooh, baby!
21. How bout' a cookie?
22. You dirty rat!
23. Asta la vista, baby!
24. Come on up and see me some time!
25. What a dump!
26. Here's Johnny!
27. Judy, Judy, Judy
28. I'd kiss ya, but I just washed my hair!
29. Shiver me timbers!
30. Sweet dreams!
31. Cool!
32. Welcome to my home!
33. You're pretty!
34. You're the greatest!
35. You're very cute!
36. You're very handsome!
37. They're here!
38. I need a drink!
39. Let me outta here!
40. Please?
Polly wanna cracker?
42. Go ahead, make my day!
43. Wake up!
44. Happy birthday!
45. Happy New Year!
46. Merry Christmas!
47. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight
48. Trick or treat?
49. To be or not to be?
That is the question.
I tawt I taw a puddy tat! I did! I did! I did see a puddy tat!
51. Oh, what a beautiful morning!
52. Are you asleep?
53. Are you lookin' at me?
54. Are you okay?
55. Did you bring me a present?
56. Do you call this food?
57. Do you love me?
58. Do you wanna kiss?
59. How are you?
60. What's that?
61. What's to eat?
62. What's for dinner?
63. Where's the beef?
64. Where's the fire?
65. Who made this mess?
66. Who put out the lights?
67. Who's there?
68. Geshundeit!
69. Thank you!
70. Yes, I do!
71. Hey, baby!
72. You look pretty!
73. You look Handsome!
74. Would I lie to you?
75. Do you feel lucky?
76. How about a kiss?
77. Like my hair? I feathered it!
78. Use the force, Luke!
79. As if!
80. You call this bird seed?
81. Bye bye!
82. See ya Later!
83. Wanna drink?
84. Here kitty, kitty, kitty!
85. Show me the money!
Wanna buy a bird?
87. I'm not an animal!
88. I love you, man!
89. Ahoy, Maties!
90. Alrighty then!
91. Whatever!
92. I'm so sure!
93. sound (whistle- cat call)
94. sound (whistle-
Close Encounters theme)
95. sound (whisle-
Andy Griffith show them)
96. Buy me!
97. Shut up!
98. Bond,James Bond!
99. Separator Track-10 secs of silence


1. Training a bird works best when your bird is free from noise and distractions
2. Insert Time to Talk CD into your CD player and program it for the phrase of your choice.
To program multiple phrases, choose the multiple track sequence on your player.
3. Program your player to also selct track #99. #99 is the separator track (10) seconds and must be
programed after each phrase to allow a delay (silence) in between each repetition of the song. Depending
on your birds interest, you may need to program the separator track more than one time in between
the phrase tracks. This simply allows more silence in between each repetition.
4. Set your player for "repeat play" option and push play.